National Insurance Tax Optimiser

View a monthly illustration of your income, tax, NI, and pension contributions. See how lumping of pension payment sacrifices impacts NI due.
Income Tax Due: £0.00/Year
Total Pension Payment: £0.00/Year
NI Due: £0.00 (£0.00)/Year
Saving Tax on pension at: 0.00% (vs 0.00% unoptimised)
Take Home: £0.00
This is optimised by pushing optional sacrifices into as few months as possible, down to the legal limit of minimum wage. This is assumed to be adult minimum wage for 35hrs a week, but your situation may vary. The month within the tax year where the sacrifice is executed is not important, however it may be easier for payroll to correct your income tax withholdings by executing earlier in the tax year.
Optional Pension Payments:
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